Our Philosophy

Businesspeople in office lobbyAt Chung & Press, we advise and represent a wide range of clients from individuals, to entrepreneurs and small businesses, to some of the nation’s largest companies. The firm serves clients in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., as well as clients throughout the United States and worldwide.


Prior to establishing Chung & Press, P.C. in 1993, the firm’s founders, Philip Chung and Daniel Press, began their legal careers with prominent law firms in Washington, D.C. These law firms provided substantial training in the areas of litigation, intellectual property, environmental law, government contracts, commercial law, real estate and international law. More importantly, this experience instilled within them the importance of providing a quality work product and aggressively representing a client’s interests. While we have the experience that larger firms can offer, we also have certain flexibilities that other firms may lack. We maintain a streamlined approach that allows Chung & Press to cut costs, eliminate bureaucracy, and provide aggressive, efficient legal services at a very competitive cost.

Throughout the representation, we will use every effort to keep the client informed of all developments in the case so that the client may be confident that Chung & Press, P.C. has the matter under control.

Since its founding, Chung & Press continues to emphasize a philosophy of providing quality legal services while achieving a high level of personalized attention. We do not over-staff cases. Instead, we utilize our experienced staff to provide streamlined, value driven legal representation, while making every effort to keep the client informed of all developments.

This philosophy begins when we first meet with a potential client with the goal to provide a thorough evaluation of the merits of each case. As a part of this process, we strive to present a realistic estimate of the fees and costs that will be incurred, allowing the client to make an educated business decision on how to proceed. Chung & Press’ flexibility is further evidenced by the firm’s willingness to consider alternative-billing arrangements to reflect the client’s needs, including contingent fees, split contingent fees, set budgets, hourly fees, and other arrangements.

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